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W is for…. Wow.

It’s very much a wow day. Things are happening very fast. I went to supper with a friend and former coworker and had a blast, even though I’m aware now that she’s gone that it was essentially a goodbye/don’t-know-when-I’ll-see-you-next dinner. She came home and helped me pack up most of my bedroom. We hugged goodbye as she left and I got that melancholy, lonely feeling I always get when I watch someone drive away.

I had my final meeting today. Like, last meeting with a college supervisor EVER final meeting. That kind of final. I don’t have my marks yet, but I submitted the work. My work as a college student is essentially done. (Although I need to find a way to print things and leave them with my supervisor… gulp.)

It’s starting to catch up with me, and fast. By the end of this week, I won’t be a college student anymore, and I won’t be living in the same city I’ve been in for two years (three if you count rez in first year).



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