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Writer Wednesday!

All right. If anyone who’s on here actually pays some kind of attention to my Facebook page, you’ll recognize this next bit. I posted it in the weeeeeeee hours of the morning after my successful writing spree last night. BUT it’s been tweaked just the teensiest bit, and being the nice person I am, I added an extra little bit. So you may wanna read it again…. 😉



She looked at her hand, noted the scrape she’d given herself in her fall into the heather. The blood there was drying, not worth noticing to a creature that thrived on blood and flesh when it was so weakened.

Without thinking, Emily scraped her hand along the gravel of the lane, hissing under her breath as renewed pain made the scrape sting in a hundred tiny cuts. She extended her hand to the kelpie’s nostrils, careful to move slowly so as to not disturb kelpie or wolf.

Empty white eyes that had been going dull abruptly glowed brilliantly; she’d have sworn the kelpie nickered faintly just before heat was sucked towards it and cold air blasted back with such force that she had to close her eyes.

When the air had returned to its normal temperature and left only the hint of the unearthly chill behind, Emily opened her eyes. It was Ryan lying on the ground now, so pale his lips were white, his entire body shaking and shivering and marked by horrid bloodied gashes. He didn’t seem to notice when Cass threw a blanket over him, rolling gingerly onto his side so that his eyes, dark and fever-bright, found Emily’s.

“That,” he whispered hoarsely, “was a bloody stupid thing to do.”

“It worked,” she replied fiercely. She didn’t know when she’d reached for his hand, only knew she was clinging to it and wishing she could find a way to warm him.

Ryan’s lips twitched; then he released a quiet, lilting sigh and closed his eyes.

It would be a week before he opened them again.


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