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V is for…. Vexed.

According to Dictionary.com and its sister site Thesaurus.com, the word vexed can mean either irritated or annoyed, or tired, as in a person is tired of something and therefore vexed. Works for me!

Don’t get me wrong; after all the hype and comments yesterday’s post on being content even in times of uncertainty earned me, I’m not about to go back on that. But in the fluctuating way of things, today is more of a down day right this second than an up day. I’m sleepy after my writing spree last night (which, if I’m being totally honest, I don’t regret because it turned out some gems), worn out from a long day, and ready to crawl in bed and sleep for a week.

Unfortunately, my body’s decided to be sore today, which is distracting from all the things I have to do. I also still haven’t started packing despite the fact that I move on Sunday. Yeah, bit of a problem there. And the main concern–I’m flat broke. I have a little over ten dollars to my name, and a chunk of that is gonna go to feeding the dog. Otherwise, I got nothin’.

Blargh. I need to lock myself into the writing pub and get this out of my system. Please, share your frustrations with me. I’ll feel better if I know I’m not alone in feeling just the teensiest bit bitchy.


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