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T is for…. Triumph!

I feel very triumphant right now. I’m bouncing off the walls, actually, and for a few very simple reasons.

One, I submitted my last behavioural program ever a few minutes ago. It’s gone, sent, and my fate is out of my hands.

Two, a mark for a paper that was completed back at the beginning of February was finally posted online today. I wrote the paper very last minute (I know, bad) and would have been happy getting oh, 70%. But I got a NINETY-FOUR!! Excuse me for bragging, but I am SO HAPPY!

Three, Friday is my last day ever of placement and of being a college student. As of Friday, my postsecondary education has been completed and I have to start being a “real” grown up. 😉 I’ve already ranted about how ready I am to be done place.

Fourth and finally, the last big change coming up in my life: I’m moving on Sunday! To a whole new city! But it has my boyfriend in it! (Never mind the fact that I haven’t started packing yet and that I hate packing with the fiery passion of a thousand betelgeuses. We’re focusing on the happy changes right now.)

So there’s my list of happy, triumphant things! What made your day today?


4 thoughts on “T is for…. Triumph!

  1. I wouldn't go that far–I need a bit more cash to pay my bills and make all my problems go away. 😛 But it hasn't been a bad week so far, which makes me happy. ^__^

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