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S is for….. Silliness.

I like silliness. I think we all need it sometimes. When life gets crazy (and drives me to post things like yesterday’s rant, ech, sorry for that), it’s always good to just carve out a day and do nothing but silly childish things that make us feel better.

My silliness therapy to combat the mayhem of the last couple weeks was to stay up way too late playing Disney songs, singing them to a friend via text until she was laughing and telling me to go to sleep, and then sleep a good chunk of the day away before getting up today and doing basically nothing. I came up with a new Fae creature for the Impartials & Immortals books, and planned a scene where it attacks one of my MCs.

Then I made supper, sat down and watched two old kids’ movies that I haven’t seen in ages: A Troll In Central Park and Thumbelina. I like cute stories where people fall in love, defeat the bad guy and get their happy ending all in two hours or less. Sue me.

I’m feeling a lot less frantic than I was yesterday, which is a good thing because I’d probably end up doing something stupid like fainting again. Silliness therapy does it again!

What about you? What silly things do you do to make yourself feel better?


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