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Update and Snippet!

I signed up for 750 words this week. First off, four day streak, woot! Second, I’m writing my Saturday words right now (4:30am be damned), and I’m having some fun with it. The scene I’m working on is for Night of the Hunter. I just wrote this, and I liked it, so I’m sharing it. Aren’t I sweet?



“Was it just the one night between us, then, Emily?” He was turning the blame to her, trying to make it her fault that he’d barely slept without her by his side. He knew it, but somehow he couldn’t stop himself. “One night and nothing more?”

“I…” He needed to stop trailing his finger along the neck of her shirt, was all she could think. He needed to, or she’d answer his question by yanking his clothing off, and that was hardly appropriate. “We never truly said…” Her voice tailed off into nothingness, her eyes closing as his fingers played over her skin. “We never said,” she attempted again, “what it would mean. After that first night.”

“So we didn’t,” he agreed, his voice dropping to the caressing, toying tone she understood meant his mind was working out a ploy and working it out quickly. “”Decide quickly, then,” he murmured, stepping in so close his mouth was just there in front of her for the taking if she could only find the courage to show him one night be damned, she wanted more.


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