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WIP Update

It occurs to me that a writing blog should maybe have a purpose besides just posting snippets (as much fun as that is). So, here’s the update for the last little while.


  • Began editing Chapter Thirteen, although I was sick and it’ll probably need to be completely re-edited. 
  • Novel itself, which still contains the scenes I’m planning to cut and has yet to be hacked at, is sitting at 183,000 words and change, which Scrivener informs me would be a 523-page paperback. Dang.
  • Sincere apologies to my patient beta readers who put up with all the health crap that stops me from editing. You guys are fracking awesome.


  • Roughly 3,000 words written on this, finishing out two chapters thanks to scenes I’d previously written, and starting another. Really happy about this because I’d lost momentum on this one. It’s now into Chapter Sixteen.
  • Novel itself is nearing 78,000 words total. According to Scrivener this would make a 223-page paperback. Not too shabby.
  • Alas, I also discovered I has very little plot. Need to work to remedy this.


  • Been working on this one kinda offhand, but it seems to be working for me. I have several pages of longhand that need to be typed before I can give an accurate word count. It’s moving along, though. 
  • Novel sitting at just shy of 62,000 words or a 177-page paperback.
  • Hitting slight snags as there’s a bit of a difference compared to the other two books. The characters are propelling things along pretty well, though.
  • Wrote a short story poking into the MC, Brenna’s, past. It’s available here, as my Freaky Friday post for this week.


  • Blood & Fear, the fourth book in the series, has been given a title and its main characters have been thoroughly fleshed out. (One of them even has a background story posted here.) Its plot has a slight, loose beginning to it. Needs work, but that’s not a pressing concern right now.
  • I’ve had an idea for the fifth book. It’s not titled yet, but it’s very interesting (or at least I think so). The main characters have been decided, and it has even more plot than B&F does right now. Probably kinda sad, but there you have it.
  • I’ve also written a little random snippet that deals with some background issues we deal with later on in Howl and in Blood & Fear. An MC’s brother is involved, though not directly. It’s a 5,000 word short story full of smut between the Fae. I had fun writing it, so who the hell cares if it goes in a book?
All right, that’s about all I can think of… I feel kinda productive. Yay me!
PS: TGI-Freakin’-F!!!

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