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Q is for…. Quirks!

I like quirks, possibly because I have a tonne of my own and embracing them made it a lot easier to not hate myself on a regular basis. Some of the more glaringly obvious ones I knew all about; others, I didn’t clue into until I started sharing my life with someone else.

For instance, I refuse to sleep on my hair. It has to be behind me on the pillow; if it’s under my head, it tickles my cheek or itches, and either way drives me crazy. The first time my boyfriend learned this, he was ridiculously amused….

… but not as amused as he was when he discovered how ticklish I am. The hair/sleep thing he’s learned to live with. To this day he still enjoys brushing his fingers over me at random to see if I react. Being the freakishly ticklish person I am, I usually do. Some of my other quirks include constantly speaking in a mix of French and English, fiddling with the necklace I always wear, and talking to the dog, but those aren’t as much fun.

Tell me about your quirks! They make the world go round, they make us the different people we are, and that’s why I love ’em!


2 thoughts on “Q is for…. Quirks!

  1. Oh my god, the hair thing. Me too. (Even if it's not tickling, it's long enough that if it's tucked down behind me I'm aware of my own weight tugging on it.) Never once realized it was a quirk of mine until you mentioned it – which is to say that it didn't occur to me that anyone could possibly be OKAY with sleeping on their own hair…

  2. I hadn't even realized I did it until we'd try to sleep and I'd end up lying on my hair and go "Nope, can't do it!". Another hair thing with me is I can't seem to leave it tied in a bun or tail–I always end up pulling at bits and pieces, so strands come loose and I end up looking more like a frazzled writer than is probably good for me!

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