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P is for….. Publishing.

First off, if you’re hoping that this will be an announcement that I’m gonna be publishing some books…. I is sorry to disappoint, but this isn’t that kind of post.

Publishing is something I used to think about all the time. After all, what was the point of writing if you never got published? I dreamed of holding my own book in my hands, of going to signings, of having people freak out over something I’d written.

As I learned just how cathartic and how purely enjoyable writing could be, I stopped thinking about publishing altogether. It was relegated to the “Enh, it’d be nice, but not likely gonna happen” section of my brain, and I learned to just have fun with what I was writing. I matured as a writer and as a person and found my own little niche, writing supernatural romances that aren’t exactly meant for kids. Since settling into that cozy little spot to write in, I can rarely if ever get through any kind of story–short story, novel, whatever–without throwing in something supernatural and spooky.

It hasn’t been until the past couple of years, when I’ve really started to talk to and connect with more writers via events like NaNoWriMo and social media outlets like Twitter, that I’ve realized publishing is actually a realizable goal. Whether it’s by going through the process of agents and publishing via the traditional route, or shouldering it yourself, it’s actually doable.

I don’t think I’d clued in to that before.

Sure, there’s some cost involved, no matter which route you take. If going the traditional way, you have to trust your work to someone else. That’s a huge, difficult step. Writing is something very private; no matter how badly we may want to tell the story, when we’re writing it, it’s just us and the voices in our heads.

Indie publishing, on the other hand, has significantly greater financial costs attached. This post by indie author Christine Nolfi says that you can expect to spend anywhere from $1600 to $5500 in getting a book out. But you get the final say on a lot of decisions, and to me that counts for a lot. I like the freedom of it.

I’ve been told a couple times that I should get my stuff published. My mom seems to think that if I write, I must want to be published. For the longest while, mostly when I was back home, she came back to the idea every time I mentioned something about writing. Unfortunately, this was my not-thinking-about-publishing-hell-I’m-kind-of-against-it phase, so it got to the point where it annoyed the hell out of me more than anything else. Looking back now, I see that it was her way of trying to support me. She thought I was being shy about sharing the writing. Mostly, I’ve now learned to only make brief mentions of my writing, and she’s learned to back off instead of giving me how-to books on getting published for Christmas or throwing relatives with slight connections to the publishing industry at me.

Personally, I’m not sure yet. Obviously publishing isn’t something that’s going to happen immediately in the near future, not unless I win the lottery or write a query letter on a whim and suddenly get literary representation and find myself a bona fide published author. But who knows? I might start saving up a little money here and there. And maybe it’ll happen sooner than I think.

Be pretty cool, wouldn’t it?


3 thoughts on “P is for….. Publishing.

  1. I dunno what indie author did to get that number, but I spent under $500 to get Being Human published. There are affordable services out there so you don't have to pay and arm and a leg to get your book published.

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