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Writer Wednesday!

This is a bit from what I wrote yesterday. I’m posting it because a) I’m happy I wrote and b) it makes me snicker.



“Shit,” Cass said sympathetically. “No wonder you were snappy about sharing. We’ve been on you about it all morning.”

Emily shrugged, indicating that it wasn’t something to worry about, but Cass pressed on.

“No, seriously. We’re like one giant, many-limbed octopus-family or something. Everyone gets into everyone’s business. But some things… things like that… they’re the business of no one but the people involved. From here on out, you only have to tell me about your sex life if you want to.” She waited, then added, “And I really hope you will want to, because I have this feeling Ryan would be something else altogether in that area. But seriously,” she rushed on before Emily could do more than redden, “if you tell me to butt out and I don’t listen, just hit me over the head with something. I have a thick skull, I’ll be fine.”

In spite of herself, Emily laughed. “I’ll remember that.”

“Good,” grinned the redhead. She lasted all of a minute drying and putting away dishes in silence before her eyes slid slyly back to Emily. “So?”

“Cass?” Emily asked sweetly.


“Butt out.”

Cass chuckled. “All right, all right.”


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