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Freaky Friday the 13th!

*insert mad cackle here*

Now I really wanna creep you guys out. Let’s see what I can find.

Oh, you’re gonna hate me.



Then he was dragged beneath the surface by greedy hands, and they saw no more of him—only the soulless, gaping eyes of the creatures that swarmed up to take him. But they watched, and the image was etched into their minds forever. What took only minutes felt like days as they stood helpless on the shore and watched their friend’s life end.

Finally, when the water began to churn and boil, when the waves that lapped against the shore were tinted red with blood, Cass and Ryan sank to the sand and held each other in stricken silence, continuing to watch as a black face surfaced, offered a toothy grin, and sank beneath the water again.

Cass turned her head and buried her face in Ryan’s throat, and he turned his head to her automatically, so that neither of them saw the seal that bobbed in the water, looking from the couple on the strand to the spot far out to sea where the water was red with blood, with green eyes that were bright with tears.


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