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K is for…. Kingston.

No, not the one in Jamaica. If that were the case I might not be leaving. XD

Kingston, Ontario is where I’ve spent most of my last three years. As you might expect, it hasn’t all been great. But overall… yeah, if I’m gonna be a sentimental shmuck, I guess it was pretty good.

Ups: I made some awesome friends while living here. I learned a lot, like how to be fully independent when living on my own. I held down a job that I didn’t hate (it was a first). I stuck out two years of a long distance relationship.

Downs: I learned what it was to live completely alone, with no family members in the same space. I dealt with the lows of a long distance relationship–wanting someone to be there when it was physically impossible. I also dealt with the loss of my family’s cherished pet while living here. I cried my eyes out in the very spot I’m sitting in now.

So, on brief reflection, it hasn’t been all bad or all good. A fairly even mix of the two, but when it’s all said and done, I think I’m ready to move on. This was my student city; it’s hard, I think, to do anything in this town without people assuming you’re a student. Admittedly, the city I’m moving to is another college town, but I’m okay with that, because I’m not going to be a student. AND it has the added perk of having my boyfriend in it.

I won’t say my real goodbye yet; I have a couple weeks left (and haven’t packed yet!! AHHH!). But still. It’s been nice, Kingston. I’m sure I’ll see ya around.


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