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H is for….. Hi!

Hi there. I don’t think I really properly introduced myself before launching into this challenge, and besides that, there’s never any harm in people being nicer to each other.

So. It’s a bit late now, but here’s a bit of an introductory post.

I’m Lauren in the real world, but my pen name is L.M. Murphy. That’s why you might see people calling me that, and why it might be a bit confusing.

I’m turning 22 in August, and graduating from college this year. I’m not at all sure I’m ready to be a real grownup.

My natural hair colour is strawberry-blonde, but I’ve been dying it various shades of red for years.

My eyes are blue.

I have a total of five siblings ranging in age from eighteen to one.

My dog is a beagle/bluetick hound named Sage. She’s ma buddy. You try to hurt her, I break your face. And arms. And legs.

I have a pretty quick temper, but I’ve learned to mask it when necessary.

I’ve been dating the same guy for two years as of May 20th. We were friends for five years before that.

I’m a Leo.

I’ve been writing for almost eight years.

So, there’s ten facts about me! Now it’s your turn–what are some pertinent bits of information I should know about you, if we’re going to get along for the length of this challenge at least? 😉


6 thoughts on “H is for….. Hi!

  1. Hii!Ok, here we go, with ten facts about me.1. My name is Alexandra but Chomsky is commonly used. 2. I'm a Libra.3. I'm stubborn as hell. You tell me 'don't do it' and I will try.4. I am fairly protective of my animals. Someone tries to hurt them and there will be blood and it'll human blood.5. I may forgive but I never forget. Thus, I have the memory of an elephant.6. I'm easily hurt by people's attitude, even if they think they cover it up; I'm just good at reading people.7. I'm addicted to music; I cannot go a day without music.8. I'm hard-working, tough to the nail, refuse to give up but accept defeat easily. 9. I love people; therefore, it is difficult for me to love one person in particular. However, I have given my trust only to a handful of people :)10. I love you ❤

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