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Six Sentence Sunday!

OK, I’m officially going to be trying to scale down on the posting of snippets because, as fun as it is to torture you lot so often in one week, I’m eventually going to run out of snippets. I’m keeping this one, though, because it’s fun to limit myself to that little amount of writing and still find ways to drive you guys crazy.

Here you go. This one’s from Howl. And I ain’t explainin’ NUFFIN’.

She was with Aedhán. His bedroom. He was kissing her again, but instead of being frozen in shock, or, more admirably, pushing him away, she was twining herself around him like a damned vine, her legs around his waist, arms around his neck, hands fisted in his hair, and she could hear her own ragged breathing when his mouth found that one little spot on her neck and suckled until she groaned.

He chuckled, she could feel it in his chest, that’s how close they were. And even though she should have been panicked she wasn’t. She was seeing herself just the way she could have been in the club.


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