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G is for…. Gwen (And DON’T Call Her Gwendolyn). [Part One]

Gwen would be the newly named main character of Blood & Fear, the fourth book in my Impartials and Immortals series. She’s been rattling around unnamed and largely without a personality in my head for nearly two years now. I’m excited to finally have her named, and, after a lengthy and probably faintly disturbing (to non-writers) conversation on Twitter, fleshed out a little. Her background is clearer now, and it explains a lot of her personality.

To celebrate, I’m writing out her backstory in fiction form. I intend to have it done by the time I go to bed, but I don’t think that’ll happen before midnight. I’ll post the backstory on my writing blog when it’s ready and let you all know. In the meantime, here are a few words to hint at what’s to come and get you all excited.

  • Horses
  • Brain death
  • Guilt
  • Responsibility
Ready? Get excited. 
And seriously, I meant what I said in the title. Her full name may be Gwendolyn, but you will call her Gwen unless you want to be death glared into a shallow grave.

6 thoughts on “G is for…. Gwen (And DON’T Call Her Gwendolyn). [Part One]

  1. 😀 It's just as real life and faintly terrifying a prospect as it sounds! I was about to tag you and Lor on Twitter and tell you I'd tweaked a couple details. XD

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