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Teaser Thursday!

Hi everybody! I’m actually not posting just before midnight for once, so I’ll take some time to actually be social. I just got out of a Twitter chat hosted by the Story Dam team, and people expressed interest in my writing! As always, that makes part of me look at it from a distance, like, “Really? They are? Huh, would you look at that.” while the other part of me just wants to run and skip and dance in happy circles of writer happiness. Even the Facebook page is getting more hits! Whoo!

With that in mind, I’ll stick with the theme I seem to have developed and post a teaser from the first book that should make you all wonder a bit. Here’s hoping you’ll enjoy it! Now, I have an A to Z post to write… and I should edit. Hmmm.



Standing between them, Gideon turned his head to shoot Cass a look full of rebuke and loathing. The look lasted only a second but was more than enough to convey his message: stay the feck there.

For once she obeyed. Cass didn’t move. She didn’t think she could. “Be-behind you,” she forced herself to say as she watched the strange man lurch to his feet and lunge for Gideon.

She thought he moved out of the way, but she must have blinked and missed the movement.

Or, whispered the small voice in her mind, he’s got something else going for him.

Horror filled her, paralyzed her; Cass couldn’t speak, could only watch as Gideon landed a solid punch in the other man’s gut, knocking him to his knees. When he would have stood, Gideon put a restraining hand on his shoulder, and with his other hand reached into his coat. Cass saw the flash of silver, the spurt of dark blood against pale skin. She heard the last few breaths of the attacker, heard the dying gurgle as he choked on his own blood, and heard the splash of warm blood on brick.

The man who hadn’t been a man fell forwards and stayed still, blood sluggishly trickling from his slit throat. The entire thing—Gideon’s approach, the attack, the sudden end—had taken what felt like seconds. And Gideon didn’t seem at all affected.

What was he?


4 thoughts on “Teaser Thursday!

  1. Eeep! Once again…I think you know exactly what I'm thinking right now!! (You evil, evil person, you!) Though it is kind of nice to see what they were like early on in their relationship, before she knew what he was…

  2. Thank you! 😀 You can check the "Snippet" tag on the right and you'll find all the stuff I've posted. There's some other stuff at my personal blog too, from before I created this site. I usually post five-six snippets a week, so make sure to keep checking in! 😀

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