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E is for….. Exhaustion & The Easter Plans I Don’t Have

I can’t help it. E is for exhaustion because that’s what I’m feeling. It’s been a long, long week and I haven’t been getting anywhere near the amount of sleep I should, which really doesn’t help the whole chronic pain condition thing. I’ve had a nap almost every day this week (I don’t care what you say; grown up me is making up for all the naps little kid me never waned to take) and I’m still tired. I didn’t even mean to nap tonight, and I still fell asleep on the couch. (Oops.)

Therefore, the word of the day is definitely exhaustion. All I can think of is getting to sleep, curling up, and not waking up until whenever the hell I happen to open my eyes. I know some people have plans for Easter (hey, another E!) but I don’t. I’m not going back home to see my family. I can’t afford the travel cost, and besides that, my charming father decided to fly out to BC for a week to meet someone he’s talked to over the Internet. (I wish I was joking.) I really didn’t mind those plans, until today at placement when just about everyone started asking about my Easter plans.

Well, here they are: sleep, sleep and more sleep! Maybe a side of editing/writing and a little bit of cleaning (it’s definitely needed), but the only concrete plans I’m making are sleep and work, and that’s that!

This concludes today’s rant/whinefest. Happy Easter, everybody! And if you want to bring me some turkey, that can be arranged.


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