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D is for….. Disappointment, Determination (and Damn).

Nice and simple today, both because I’m once again running late and because it pretty much sums it up. I’ll add a nice damn it all to hell and back, too, since damn starts with a D and I just like to swear.

I didn’t make it to the pool for swimming this morning. The alarm went off, I thought about getting out of bed, and I fell asleep again. I can’t swim on Friday, as I usually would to fix the situation, so unless I find a way to go on the weekend, there’s no way for me to swim three times this week as per the terms of the challenge. And I feel crummy about it.

Knowing my boyfriend, he likely won’t hold it against me, and since I’m pretty sure he just really wants to go to Chicago anyways, it shouldn’t affect things. But I still feel like a shit for not following through, even though I was tired/sick/in need of the extra sleep. And of course now I feel like enh, I messed up once, might as well throw in the towel.

Hell with that. I want Chicago, and I want to earn it on the terms we set. So, even though I’m looking at five hours of sleep, I’ll get up at the nasty hour of five-something AM (I refuse to call that “morning” when the sun isn’t even up), and I’ll drag my butt to that pool.

I may be down, but damn if I’m out.


10 thoughts on “D is for….. Disappointment, Determination (and Damn).

  1. I wish there was some way to favourite this comment because GUH so true. I'm not a morning person, let alone a that's-still-night-time-goddammit person.Thank you, bb! ❤

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