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Torture Tuesday!

Because it just isn’t Tuesday without the torture… and before cursing me out, just remember that if you read this post, you’ll see that the characters are making me suffer, too. It goes both ways, I promise.



“Gideon.” Her hands tugged at his hair until he glanced up. For a moment, he nearly looked away, startled by how bright Cass’s eyes were all of a sudden, by the way her thoughts seemed to be drifting below the surface, there for him to read if he only made the effort.


“I’m fighting with you on this,” she told him in a husky voice. “I don’t want to fight against you.”

He nodded once, kissed her gently. “Neither do I.” Then the kiss was suddenly rough, and they were moving, and nothing else mattered except the fact that they were both there, they were both aware of what was happening, they were both feeling every flare of sensation, and they were both together at the last moment before the world contracted and shattered.


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