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Excitement and Headdesking. (Maybe Not Simultaneously.)

Excitement and headdesking all around! Though maybe not at the same time. Sounds stressful, and I have a headache as is.

The explanation is very simple. I have a title! The next book in the Impartials & Immortals series has a title! Or at least, I think it does. This one’s different in that where the previous books have gotten their titles from songs, this one is from a quote. The title, Blood & Fear, comes from this quote, which, as I saw it, was attributed to Kafka: “In reality there were only bloody faery tales. The origins of every faery tale are steeped in blood and fear…” Very fitting given both the nature of my Fae creatures and the events of that book.

Noooowww… comes the headdesking. I know the two main characters. One is Ronan, who’s first introduced in Book I; the other is a chicky whose past I’ve figured out but whose name refuses to be made clear to me.

I swear, she just won’t tell me! I know her past, her appearance, some of her personality. But for me name is a big deal. I’ve never had a character be this stubborn before.

And so, I throw myself on the mercy of my fellow writers. What do you do when a character hides things from you? I’m desperate here–any tips will help.




7 thoughts on “Excitement and Headdesking. (Maybe Not Simultaneously.)

  1. Huzah!!! Just email meh or something with her details wheneverz. Also tell me if there's a specific niche her name needs to fall into so I can nail it!

  2. =o -blinks- 😀 I get to pester???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TeeHee!!!!!I lurve to pester…. -heads off to schedule with tweetdeck-

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