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C is for…. Chicago, Chronic Pain, and Chocolate!

You may very well be asking what the hell these three things have in common. Excellent question! Let’s get right to it, shall we? (Since, being the master procrastinator that I am, I’ve left the post to the last minute again.)

Chicago: A trip to Chicago is what I get if I go swimming three times a week until the end of the semester, April 27. I explained it more here, but the gist of it is that I can’t keep my big mouth shut, and it led to my boyfriend issuing me a challenge to go swimming early in the morning a few times a week until the end of the semester. If you know how much I hate mornings, you know this is a big deal. At any rate, I swam today, on five hours’ sleep, so I was keeping Chicago very much in mind to get myself out of bed and to the pool. Plus, it was cold outside!!

Chronic Pain: This is one of the things I work around to go swimming, and to accomplish most tasks. Since I am nothing if not an accomplished ranter, you can see mention of the whole chronic pain thing here. Essentially, I have a chronic pain condition that causes severe and consistent pain pretty much all over. Think fibromyalgia. I just need the official diagnosis, since I currently have a diagnosis of myofascial pain syndrome, a slightly milder condition whose symptoms don’t apply to me anymore. I had a flare-up last week where I was sore as all hell, and had a cold as well, which just made it worse, so I’ve been carefully noting how I’m doing in the pain department.

Chocolate: Well, how else am I supposed to get up in the morning?! I use chocolate! Not only that, but I found when I came home from my swim that while I may have forgotten about the chocolate buried deep in my bookbag, the dog did not. She went into my bag, found my lunch bag, ripped a plastic bag, and got to the chocolate eggs. I spent the entire day worrying that I’d come home and find her sick, even though being the little devil she is, she’s gotten into chocolate before with no ill effects.

(For the record, she was fine, which I figured she would be. But still. >.<)

And that about wraps up where my head is today. Just in time, too. Tomorrow is D…. it’ll depend on the kind of day I have, but I’ll try to refrain from making my post about swear words starting with the letter. Even though I know a fair few. 😉



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