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B is for….. Blue, Better… and Baby? (Not Mine!)

It’s a three-for-one post today. Originally it was going to be just blue and better, but life is sneaky.

Blue: Blue is here because today was autism awareness day, and I wore blue for the cause. Conveniently, I had a new shirt that just happened to be blue, so it worked out nicely all around. The kids at my placement complimented it and everything. Makes the shitheads in that class easier to deal with. So yes, blue played a part in my day, because I was very much aware of why I was wearing the colour and was proud of the cause behind it. As for better.. it goes a bit deeper.

I like the word better. It’s an ordinary, simple word that we use without thinking about it. It’s an ingrained, regular part of our vocabulary and we’re used to it being there. But half the time, I bet we don’t really think about what the word means. I see it as a promise. Better means, to me, that there’s room for improvement. That maybe things are kinda meh right now, or maybe they’re completely terrible. But the word better means it won’t always be that way, that eventually, whether it be next week or next year or even just in 20 minute–or 20 years–it’ll get BETTER. It won’t be so bad. It’ll be bearable, or maybe you’ll even be happy. It’s possibilities and the promise of something more, something that you don’t have right now and that maybe you don’t even know you want. So to me, better is a word I like.

Finally, on to baby. This one is a last minute addition that likely won’t make any sense, but I felt the need to add it because I found out tonight that a friend of mine is pregnant with her second baby. The first one is six months old. I’m torn on how to feel about it, I really am. On the one hand, I imagine she’s pretty happy, because I know she wanted to have kids close together, so I want to be happy for her. On the other hand, I guess there’s a little bit of the traditionalist in me, because I can’t help but think that she’s not married. I’m not saying I’m judging her. I’m just saying that if it were me, that would bother me. She’s the same age as I am, currently about to turn 22. I can’t imagine being in her shoes right now. For me, kids is a “definitely, but not now” thing on my to do list. It’ll happen. Just not now.

And that, I would suppose, is the end of today’s ramble. I’ll be back tomorrow.


14 thoughts on “B is for….. Blue, Better… and Baby? (Not Mine!)

  1. I'd have a hard time not being a kid person given that I have three siblings ages five or younger and that I've completed four school placements. 😛 I definitely want kids, and I know my guy does too… but when I hear of people having their first or second at the age we're at, all I can think is "…. No…."

  2. ….. =o Baby? -shutters- No thank you!! >.< I'm pushing it having kids of my own! Like really…. this are the rules I told John….1 Kid = Great! Hope it's a boy! (no period spaz moments!)2 Kids = Fine… I guess.3 Kids = Oh someone is sooooo getting fixed and it's not me… -_- I fucked up my vagina and figure for you to have your rugrats so YOU are getting your balls snipped. End of discussion. ORRRR no sex for you. That's right… I have a tickler… Momma can please herself.His response: Yes ma'am.TeeHee!! XD

  3. Coincidentally I just blogged about having baby fever lol! When I was 22 and all through my early twenties I used to think that I would never have babies unless I was married and it wouldn't be until I was 30 or so. But then years passed and my boyfriend and I have been together for longer than most married couples that we have known. We're going on 15 years this upcoming May. So now being married before having kids just doesn't seem that important anymore to me because in my mind I am already fully committed to him. I just have baby fever!!!

  4. That was pretty coherent ramble—and oh so agree on your last para on babies.–Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2012Twitter: @AprilA2Z #atozchallenge

  5. I agree with cosmam. I would've guessed you to be a bit older…only because you write with such wisdom. 🙂 Enjoyed your 'B' post and look forward to reading more of your posts in the challenge. Happy Tuesday! 🙂

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