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Six Sentence Sunday!

A tad late, but it’s here nonetheless! This one’s from a little short I’m writing, a partial spin-off/background story on a character you don’t hear about until Howl, Book 3 of the I&I books. I don’t even think you’ll actually get to meet him until muuuuch later in the book. So yeah, I’m basically being a giant tease. But you love me.



Looking back, yeah, I was crazy for even getting involved. Never shoulda done it, acted like I had a death wish, must’ve lost my mind, right?

Not so much. Truth is, I knew better, I didn’t have a death wish, and I was in full possession of all my faculties (though a few people, namely my sister, might disagree on that one). All I was when I met Rhiannon was tired, pissed off, and lonely.

Sounds stupid. But that’s all it took.


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