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Teaser Thursday!

Happy Thursday, everyone! If you know my characters from Night of the Hunter, who you can currently find stalking Patricia Lynne‘s blog driving her crazy, you’ll know that Emily, one of the MCs, has no recollection of her childhood or the fire that killed her family. Here’s a little scene from shortly after her memory returns…

Cheers, and if you’re feeling down, just remember: tomorrow’s Friday.


When she looked up now, her face was ashen, and her eyes were haunted. “Any other questions?” she asked in a hard voice, and she made a point of looking at Ryan.

“In fact,” he said as he got to his feet and motioned for her to follow with a jerk of his chin, “I’d like a word.”

Too numb and shellshocked from all she’d relived to care, Emily followed him into the parlour.

The moment the door to the kitchen had closed behind them, he was turning on her, and glaring fiercely.

“We’re meant to be a team,” he said harshly. “You’ve had these dreams for weeks, and not mentioned them to anyone.”

“They’re my dreams,” she returned, finding she could still kindle her temper to meet him. “It’s my choice to keep them private.”

“Not while the Unseelie are after your hide,” he hissed. “If we are expected to work as a team, we must know you as well as they do. And believe me, little Impartial, they will know everything about you. Your name, your age, your entire life’s story. Don’t think for an instant that what you would consider private because your subconscious spawned it will be kept from the knowledge of the blackest Fae that walk the earth. If you trust me on nothing else, trust me when I say that Dubhlainn is no slouch. Cass said he called his first queen lenient before he beheaded her with his own hands,” he added savagely, pleased when she flinched.

“And you already know what he did to the second. If he has not chosen a third queen to rule, it is because he has deemed himself the only ruler of the Court. And if no one is questioning him, it is because they are all too afraid to do so.” He paused, then lowered his voice until it was almost a caress to add the final words. “If a Fae fears another Fae, you have ample reason to fear for your own life.”

Without another word, he turned away and left. “I’ll be training your Impartials again this evening,” he called over his shoulder. “If you’d care to come.”

Emily jerked her chin up. “Yes, I’ll join you,” she said politely, and then she turned her back on him and went upstairs.

She’d had enough of Ryan McLaughlin for a time.


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