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Unidentified Snippet

Mostly because a) I like this idea, though I haven’t fully written it yet, and b) because as Patty pointed out, I like to torture people. (See, I can admit it.)

So here you go! My usual rules apply–you’re free to speculate on who might be speaking and the context of the snippet… but I’ll only respond if it’s via comments, because I’m a feedback whore. 😉

Ready? Enjoy.



“You react to me–you want me, but you tell me to stop. It doesn’t make sense.”

“I know that. I do want you to stop, it’s only that–“

“Only that what?”

“Well, you’re handsome as sin and you’ve been kind to me from the very beginning, I’d be a fool not to–” She stopped herself there, shaking her head almost stubbornly.

“Not to what? Tell me.”

Her voice dropped to a whisper, and though her words made his heart leap, her forlorn tone made his spirits sink. “Not to fancy myself a bit in love with you.”


One thought on “Unidentified Snippet

  1. SQUEE!!! Ohh, and I bet I know who it is, too!! No idea of the context, but it's gotta be the character I was tweeting with last night (how's that for avoiding spoilers?) and his lady! 😀

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