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Shiny New Stuff and Guest Post Excitement!

Okay everyone! Listen up! First up, I have a new blog! It’s my pub, yes a pub, and it’s where I’ll be posting all things about my writerly self from here on out, because this one, while meant for that purpose, seems to have turned into a personal blog with a smattering of writerly stuff added in.

Secondly: You’ve all likely seen me linking a friend of mine, Lor Rose. If not, she’s a fabulous writer, and a friend of mine who happens to be a beta reader for The Sharpest Lives. She also has a serious crush on Gideon, one of my MCs. So much so, in fact, that she’s going to be writing a short story about him. (Title found here, amidst her endless pile of works in progress.) But before she barges onto the blog and posts something random about Gideon (because really, I have no idea what she’s writing), she’ll be posting here tonight to introduce herself!

I’ll also be posting to her blog tomorrow, introducing myself, the characters, and so on. Why she’s got Gideon on the brain, you’d have to ask her. (Except, you know, he’s fucking sexy.) So, without further ado, because she’s impatient and wants to post…. listen up and pay attention to Lor!


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