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All Shiny and New!

Welcome everyone! For those of you who know me over at See Murphy Write, yeah, that was supposed to be my writing blog, but personal stuff kind of took it over, aside from random snippets. From here on out, I’m posting writing-related things here. Updates on the books, excerpts, and so on, unless I catch the same bug my friend Lor Rose has and suddenly spawn half a dozen more blogs.

This brings me to a good point. You’ve probably seen me link Lor in my own posts at SMW, and if you haven’t checked her out, it’s your loss. She’s hilarious and a fabulous writer to boost, and she manages her bazillion blogs quite tidily. And whether you’ve checked her out or not, you’re going to be hearing from her very shortly, because she’s going to be guest posting both here and at SMW! That’s right, a guest post! Being the dork I am, I won’t lie and say I’m not excited, because I totally am. Let me explain why.

Lor is one of the five beta readers currently going through The Sharpest Lives, Book I of the Impartials & Immortals books. And she likes Gideon’s character. I mean, really likes him. She’s also added a short story featuring him to her almost never ending work in progress pile. So, she’s taking herself a little spot on the blogs to say hi, spike some interest, and so on–though she may very well be one of my only readers. But that’s okay!

She’ll be posting tonight, so everybody, hands together, and eyes and ears on Lor!




2 thoughts on “All Shiny and New!

  1. A bazillion blogs? It's not a bazillion its… uh… -pauses to count- eight! Unless I toss in your two well than that's ten… not a bazillion… Silly… Murph… ALL EYES ON ME! ALL EYES ON ME!!! Oh wait… everyone's looking at me acting like I'm five… Oh well that's just silly because I'm five and half…

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