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The Dirty Truth Meme

I just keep finding new games to play, don’t I?! Well, this one you can blame on Patricia Lynne. I got it from her. Rules are as follows, straight from the host of the meme, Cassie, over at Shadow Kisses Book Reviews:

1. Be an author or writer (you do not have to be published)
2. Answer the question below in a post on your site (or in the comments if you do not have a blog)
3. Grab the button code and include it in your post 🙂
4. Add your post to the linky or leave it in the comments on this weeks question, and be sure to visit other’s posts!

I can do that! So, with that in mind, here was the question for this week:

Do you admire your own work?

Well, that’s one way to jump right into it. I guess I’d say sometimes I do, yes. Like I imagine most writers do, I often go back and forth from day to day on whether I like it or hate it. I tend to look at my own work rather distantly, taking a step back from it and reading it just as I would anything else. That way I get to be just as critical as I want and not hurt my own feelings. Sometimes I enjoy what I wrote. Sometimes I think it’s okay, but could be better. And there are times when I think it’s crap, or overly corny, and needs serious fixing. But mostly? I admire it because it’s mine, it came from me, and I wrote it. That’s the most important part to me.


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