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Swim for Chicago Day One

In case you missed it, I can’t keep my mouth shut, and that led to this challenge being issued and accepted. I make it to six AM swim three times a week every week until the end of the semester, and when we have time, the boyfriend and I take a trip to Chicago. Three times a week until April 27, the end of my semester, is eighteen swims. Today I completed the first one.

And can I just say, all you morning people? I don’t know what the fuck you find so appealing. Do you know what five-thirty AM looks like? It looks pitch black, because it was still freaking dark out when I got up this morning. It is now 9:07PM and I have every intention of putting together a bag for swimming tomorrow, then crashing, after this post has been completed. I was too damn tired to do dishes. Dishes!


Anyways. To sum it all up, I survived day one, didn’t fall asleep all day, and even resisted the urge to take a nap when I got home. (And let me tell you, that’s huge.) Need to swim again tomorrow. Three days a week, I figure as Monday-Wednesday-Friday. Challenge issued Monday evening means this week I swim Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday. And for the next three days on placement we have a supply teacher in the classroom. There’s gonna be a TIRED AS SHIT MURPHY all up in here. Capiche?

But the big point remains. Day one is down. Seventeen to go. Maybe I’ll even kill a couple pounds. 😛

If not…. probably gonna kill my brain. One last bit of advice? Someone ever tells you swimming uses all your muscles, don’t doubt them. It really does. My freaking midsection hurts. My MIDSECTION. What in the actual—

Okay. End rant. That’s day one. Should give you an idea of my mind frame.

Almost time for bed? Oh, I think so.


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