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I’m bored, basically killing time until I can go to bed, and so, I thought I’d give you more facts. Sick of me yet? XD You will be soon! Let’s hit 75, shall we?

Fact #51: I have big feet. Depending on the kind of shoe I’m wearing, I take anywhere from a size nine and a half to a size twelve.

Fact #52: This becomes even weirder when you take into account that I’m not ridiculously tall. Just shy of 5’8″.

Fact #53: As evidenced by this post right here, I do not know when to shut my mouth. I should learn this skill.

Fact #54: I do not like mornings. At all. If it’s still dark out, I don’t wanna get up.

Fact #55: I have never been outside Ontario (my home province) or Quebec (the immediately neighbouring province). I reallyreallyreally wanna fix that. I think I may need to travel–a lot–before I can settle down.

Fact #56: Though I wear glasses, my left eye’s vision isn’t too bad. My right eye is much worse, so the lens on that side of my glasses is thicker. Not noticeably so, thankfully.

Fact #57: I am happy to tromp through a paddock full of horse manure but am neurotic about watching my step when I walk through a yard that may have dog crap in it.

Fact #58: I plot my novels all over the place. There are notes on my phone, virtual Post-Its on my computer desktop, scribbled lines all over the whiteboard in my room, and I have an entire wall of plot in my room comprising of a wall of paper and Post Its.

Fact #59: I talk to my dog. Such is the curse of living alone. Sometimes I would love to know what her response would be, but most of the time I’m glad she can’t talk, because if so, I’d be so screwed. She’s dumb enough that she’d be the type to blurt out secrets without realizing. Love her dearly, but there’s no denying the fact that she’s dumb as a post.

Fact #60: On that note, I’m ambivalent about living alone. I enjoy it because it gives me privacy, the freedom to come and go as I please and function on whatever schedule I’d like without worrying about disturbing someone. However, I grew up in a big family and so it’s kind of weird and lonely to be entirely on my own with just a dog when I’m used to multiple screaming siblings.

Fact #61: I can remember random facts and ridiculous details like the list of fractions my placement kids had to study one day, but am stupidly forgetful about things that should be a part of my daily routine, such as taking my pills.

Fact #62: I’m a music junkie. I am a savage beast, and music soothes me. 😛 My computer’s music library has over 3,000 songs, and I have several CDs, my iPod, and a stereo with the power to be pleasantly loud.

Fact #63: I was born a redhead. As I aged, my hair lightened to strawberry blonde. Now I dye it red.

Fact #64: Certain colour combinations key certain reactions in my head. I see red and green, I think Christmas. I see red and yellow, I think McDonald’s. (Don’t judge me, I work there.) Purple and green? Barney. *shudders*

Fact #65: When we were kids my brother decided his favourite colour was orange. No idea if this has changed in the years since, but ever since then, I’ve had a rather strong dislike for the colour orange. 😛

Fact #66: I am a sap. The boyfriend heard me saying I wanted a shirt of his or something to keep when he wasn’t here; one day he accidentally-on-purpose left a shirt of his here. I’ve had it ever since, it’s comfy as hell, and he is never getting it back.

Fact #67: People have started to ask when Duncan and I will be getting married. While I think it’s kind of cute that they think we can get to that point, and I do want that for us, I’m rather annoyed by all the wise cracks from people about these things.

Fact #68: Doesn’t matter how old we get. My friends and I drive somewhere, one of us has to yell shotgun. And if we see yellow cars or VW Bugs, you’d best believe we’re gonna be punching each other.

Fact #69: <– This number right here? Always makes me snicker. What can I say. My mind is firmly planted in the gutter at all times.

Fact #70: There are three different accepted ways to pronounce my last name. I respond to any of the three.

Fact #71: Both of my grandmothers have names that are also names for flowers. Sonia, the Sonia rose, and Iris.

Fact #72: History fascinates me. In school, I was that annoying kid who was quietly happy whenever history rolled around while everyone else complained about learning about stuff that happened centuries ago. Personally, though I spend a lot of time looking forward to the future, I like to know about what came before, and to daydream about what some of those people may have been like.

Fact #73: Though I’m a behavioural technician, deal in behavioural science, and often refer to my work as a specific field of psychology to make people understand it, most psychiatrists or psychologists (yes, there’s a difference) drive me crazy. When I was fifteen I flat out refused to see one.

Fact #74: The words psychopath and sociopath annoy the living hell out of me as a professional. Though they’re widely accepted in most fields and are commonly used in society, they’re not actual psychological terms, but rather more in the way of being legal ones. There is no accepted psychologically defined definition of what a psychopath or sociopath is. In fact, psychopathy only refers to a person’s state of mind and any mental disorders they may possess.

Fact #75: I often get the urge to draw characters or scenes from my novels. Unfortunately I lack the talent or patience so I stop trying.

There you go! Bedtime for me!!


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