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Unidentified Snippet — Impartials & Immortals

This snippet here is being posted as the result of a deal between myself and a fellow author. I posted one part of it on Twitter the other day, and explanations were being demanded. So, here it is again with the line before and line afterwards for context…. but no explanation. It could be later in the book I’m currently working on (Howl), or in a later book in the series. Who knows? I’ll respond, perhaps ambiguously, to any theories if they’re posted as comments here and nowhere else. That’s part of the deal. 😉

And so, without further ado, the lines.

“You look…. Familiar….”

“If you’ve lost her the past twenty years of memory, I swear to God I’ll have your head–“

“What? No, no, it’s only…. you look so much like your father is all.”


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