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Tantalizing Teaser Tuesday Numero Uno!

Man, that was a mouthful! All right, here’s the deal. Because Tantalizing Teaser Tuesday is a lovely piece of alliteration, I basically am declaring myself the right to post a random teaser excerpt from any one of the novels I may be working on! Today’s excerpt comes to you from The Sharpest Lives, my 2009 NaNoWriMo novel. Its current status is giant monster draft being edited. I’m not at this segment yet, but it’s still nice and tantalizing!

Without further ado… here you go! 😉 Happy Tuesday!

Cass woke suddenly, the medication rushing from her system rather than slowly petering out. Her eyes snapped open, wide and frightened. Like an animal, she scented the air, her lips peeling back in a feral snarl when she caught the smell of another creature in the room. She moved to crouch predatorily, prepared to defend herself, and let out a frustrated growl when she found herself bound and unable to move.

The shadow in the corner of the room shifted, came to stand beside her bed. The pool of light emanating from the strange thing on the table beside her fell over him, and instantly something tugged, deep in her belly. It made her uncomfortable. Narrowing her eyes, she bared her teeth at him.

“Easy there,” the stranger who somehow wasn’t a stranger said softly. “You know me.”

She blinked, oblivious to this form of communication. On some level, she could guess what he meant, thought she might even be able to form the same sort of sounds if she put out the effort. But the animal she’d been reduced to only hissed, straining as far away from him as possible.

“You won’t be shot of me so easily as that,” continued the stranger. Though difficult to understand, the voice was smooth and melodic even as it was cold and chilling. Something in her yearned to know more, yearned to find out what this strange creature was.

He reached out for her; she bucked against her restraints, letting out an impatient shout of sound when he covered her. Strange, her flesh wasn’t covered as his was in the garments he wore. Rather, she was bare, while he was covered. She found she liked it, though, liked the feel of the air caressing her skin. She shivered once, her skin tingling.

She was uneasy, unsettled. The angry, persistent voices in her head that had been urging her wordlessly to cause herself harm were at a lull, apparently pushed back by the creature standing by her side. She recognized him when he moved into the light, recognized him as the one she’d been fighting with just before everything had gone black. Furious, she thrashed on the platform she’d been tied to, longing to break free and launch herself at him with every intent to harm.

He raised his eyebrows, pulled out the same odd little thing he’d used on her last time and motioned with it. The meaning was clear: either she settled down, or he did it again.

Glaring at him with eyes full of hate, she lay still, her muscles twitching with the effort it took to lie passive and still before an enemy.

He was doing something, little movements of his hands that released the catches of the garment covering his upper body and bared his flesh. Then he was shedding it, and she watched the garment drift to the ground, admiring the burgundy colour and distracted enough by it that she didn’t notice when he straddled her.

She hissed, bucking fiercely against him. She let out a raucous, wordless cry and fought, trying to fling herself forwards and succeeding only in abrading her wrists when the restraints held fast.

“Enough,” he said in a strange voice that froze her for a moment, blinking and staring at him. Then she was fighting again as he shifted and blanketed her body with his. He was heavy, pressing down on her and keeping her still. The low noise she made in her throat rang with displeasure.

She twisted her head, caught his earlobe between her teeth. When he drew in a ragged breath, she deduced that she’d hurt him and felt a rush of triumph.

Gideon gritted his teeth against the unwanted wave of desire that crashed over him at the contact. She was fighting, all right, and she was fighting dirty, like an animal bent on survival.


4 thoughts on “Tantalizing Teaser Tuesday Numero Uno!

  1. OMG! *eep* Tantalizing teaser, no kidding! 😛 What the heck happened to her??? Oh gosh, PLEASE don't tell me this scene comes right after the last scene you sent me!!

  2. MURPH!!!!!!!!!>.<Screw you Murph! What makes it worse is I'm beta reading this shit and you tease me with this!! AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! -fumes-I have to go write Murph the beagle being chased by a hungry lion. HA! You will be eaten!! ~:(

  3. Sooooooo…. Does this mean my first TT Tuesday was a success? :DJust don't ask me what chapter this is in… then you're really gonna hate me…Also, I'm too tired to really care, but awwwww, poor beagle, he didn't do nuffin!

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