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Tag, I’m It! …. Again!

What can I say, I never was a fast runner! I got tagged by Lor again, so I’m answering her questions, but so help me, I’m not coming up with more! Ready? Here we go!

1) If you could write anything… anything at all and not fear being judged or made fun of what would it be?
I’d probably be less self-conscious about sex scenes or other topics that may be judged by others or considered a little too racy for books. Mind you, who’s to say I don’t write that anyways and just don’t show people? 😉

2) What is the one item you cannot live without?
Sounds awfully shallow, but my phone, I guess. It’s a link to people I don’t get to see everyday and keeps me close to them. Plus, it has Twitter on it, and I’m guilty of being a bit of a Twitter whore. XD

3) Text, email or phone call which do you prefer?
It depends on who I’m talking to and what about. For instance, while my dad and I often get along better with distance and do better by simply emailing each other, if it’s big news, I usually call out of a) common courtesy and b) wanting a reaction. And while I text the boyfriend randomly throughout the day, I’d go nuts without our calls at bedtime to say goodnight and recap on our days. And so on.

4) Which of your own characters is your favorite and why?
Oh, come on, Lor! >.< I love writing each of my characters, for different reasons. They’re all their own people and have different things that make them tick, and I like exploring that. Not to mention the characters who get under their skins. 😉

I liked writing Cass because she was a nosy smartass who didn’t back down. I enjoyed Gideon because he’s so smooth and sexy at times and completely animalistic at others. Ryan was fun to write because of his varying moods (I’m not elaborating more because some people haven’t read Night of the Hunter yet *cough*), and the drastic difference in his character between books. Emily was fun because she’s so shy and timid, yet stands up for herself when it comes down to it. Brenna is a blast to write because she doesn’t hesitate to dive headfirst into anything–except love. Then she gets skittish, and that’s where Aedhan comes in. He’s so patient and mild, and yet he pushes her when she needs to be pushed, even when it pisses her off.

I clearly can’t answer this question. XD

5) Of all the books you’ve ever read (including ones when you were little) who is your favorite character and why?
Just ONE?! O.O No way, no how, am I answering this. We’ll be here all night. But, I really liked Hermione and Ginny in the Harry Potter books as a kid. 😛

6) What is the most obvious plot to you?
Pretty much any slasher horror film ever. >.< I’m that annoying person who yells “Don’t go into the abandoned building, you moron, that’s how you die!” and then when they end up dead, I sit there going “See, I told you so.”

7) Do you skip to the end to read what happens?
No way!! That’s cheating and spoilery! I hate ruining books for myself, even when it happens accidentally!

8) Turkey or chicken. Choose one.
Chicken. Turkey is overrated and it’s for holidays anyways. I have no particular fondness for either bird’s living form, having dealt with them. (Summarized: both birds are assholes.)

9) Short stories or full novels?
To read? Either/or, though I read quickly and like more complicated plots, so I tend towards novels. In writing, usually novels, because my characters tend to have a bigger story to tell than what can fit in the parameters of a short story. I write them at times, but it’s rare. It’s usually either very short one-shots, or full novels with me. Go big or go home. 😛

10) Should animals talk in books or novels?
Depends on what kind of novel it is. If it’s one meant for kids, or if it’s some kind of fantasy set in an alternate universe, then I’m all in favour of them talking, as long as it seems to fit in with that world and isn’t too childish for the book. Animals in my books don’t talk, but I know I’d love to hear what my dog would say if she could talk…

11) Are you a fan of #TheGutterQueen?
Of course! I am the #MisbehavingPixie after all. My mind shall forever remain firmly planted in the gutter, but as Oscar Wilde said, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”


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