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Challenge Accepted!

….. *gulp*

Wait, wait, show no fear. Right. Okay. I got this.

I hope.

In case you didn’t know, I can’t back down from a dare. Seriously, something inside me just won’t let me. It’s part of the stubborn trait I seem to have. You say I can’t do it, I say “The hell I can’t! Sit your ass down and watch!”

It’s this little trait of mine that got me trapped in a web of my own making today. You see, with the nice weather that’s suddenly hit us, I’ve been longing to go swimming. I love to swim; when we lived at a house that had a pool, I was like a fish. I got in the water as soon as I got up in the morning, got out to eat, and otherwise wouldn’t come out until after dark. Now, the nice little deal my college has with the YMCA is that when I pay tuition, I also get a YMCA membership. And our local branch has a pool.

Knowing this, and having meant to go swimming there several times in the past only to be defeated by other constraints and my own laziness, I finally looked up their swim schedules today. Turns out the only leisure swim times I can make it to are early in the morning–6AM-9AM–or late in the evening–8PM-9:45PM.

Thing is, once I’m in for the night, I like to stay in. I have a dog to think about, one who enjoys having me around. Plus, let’s face it, I’m lazy. Or I would have done this when I meant to.

I joked around about that with a friend and the boyfriend: “C’mon, how likely is it that I’ll get up to swim at 6AM?” and the like. Somehow, that became a challenge. Originally, I just had to make it once to win. But stupid me can’t keep her mouth shut, and so now the challenge has become much bigger.

Here are the terms: 

6AM swim, three times a week, until the end of placement (April 27).

Prize: Trip to Chicago with boyfriend (when time permits).

I am all over this. Part of me just wants to do it because of that tendency of mine to say “Oh yeah?” when someone says “Bet you can’t.” But part of me is also thinking that we’ve never had a getaway like that for ourselves before, and I think it’d be fabulous. Not to mention, I really do need the exercise. It could be a good thing either way.

I may need to post random pictures of Chicago, and put pictures on my bedroom walls. Don’t be afraid; it’s for motivation, I swear. I’m hoping I’ll get used to it. Heh.

Here goes nothing! Expect plenty of bitching about the ridiculous hour and complaining when I hit logistical snags, like when I realized that I’d have to either dry my hair, or wear it up three days a week. >.< And wish me luck, because oh man, am I ever going to need it!


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