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Tag, You’re It!

All right, folks, here’s the deal: bloggers all over the internet are playing a game of Eleven Question Tag, and thanks to the fabulous Patricia Lynne I got tagged! It’s pretty basic: answer her questions, come up with eleven of my own, and tag more people to keep the game going.

So basically, this is another way to procrastinate on writing! Can I do that? Of course I can do that!

And so, in the spirit of procrastination, first off, here are Patty’s questions and my answers to them:

1) What do you say Soda or Pop?
I’ve been known to say either one. I probably use them pretty evenly.

2) Aside from writing, what is your dream job?
Hmmm. I’m probably setting feminism back fifty or sixty years by saying this on the brink of graduating from college, but a few years from now, I can’t say I’d mind the idea of staying at home with a couple ankle biters. 😛 In the meantime? Well, to be honest, I haven’t settled on what I want yet (and you took writing away as an option, damn it Patty!). Preferably, something in my field that makes me happy.

3) What’s your one guilty pleasure you’d never give up, no matter what?
Just one? Come on now. Hmmm. I’d say sleeping in, writing, or junk food, but I rarely feel all that guilty about any of those. I guess–those little moments where I steal time to write or watch silly TV, even when I know I have a million other things to do. The moments where I need to sit and burrow in for a bit and steal some writing time instead of doing all those other things because I know I’d go crazy otherwise.

4) What was your favorite book to read as a child and what about it did you love?
Well, I read the Harry Potter books as a kid; they’re probably my most vivid memory actually. And what’s not to love about them? They showed me magic, showed me more than anything how you could escape into a book. They were the kinds of books I could keep coming back to in later years to find the quotes that had inspired the younger version of me and still had an effect on the (slightly) more mature me.

But if we talk little-little? Books like Margaret Atwood’s Princess Prunella and the Purple Peanut and Robert Munsch’s I Love You Forever. They were the books I grew up reading at bedtime with my parents, back when everything was simpler. Princess Prunella still makes me giggle, and I still get sniffly by the time that great big man rocks his mom and says “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living, my Mommy you’ll be.”

…. You should know better than to ask a writer about favourite books, Patty. 😛

5) If you could have a super power from any movie or book what would it be?
Teleportation sounds pretty good right now. Wouldn’t have to worry about trains, buses and that kind of thing and could just spend as much time as I wanted with everyone, because travel would be a cinch! But I’d be happy to settle for something more realistic–a lack of money worries!

6) Is there a movie adaption of a book that you think is as good (or nearly as good) as the book?
Eccchhhh. I’m a bad person to ask on this. I tear apart movie adaptations of books. Brutally. Let’s just say it was probably a good thing that by the time I’d watched all the Harry Potter movies, it had been a long time since I’d read the books. I firmly believe the two should be considered separately, because while a book can be very slow-paced and designed to make you think, if you do that in a movie, people won’t go see it.

Does a TV adaptation of a novella count? Because if so, then I’ll name Haven, a TV show based on Stephen King’s novella The Colorado Kid. The novella was very sparse and didn’t offer much, but the TV show ran with it and spun out their own theories and I’ve been enjoying it hugely.

Otherwise… enh… I liked both the movie and book of War Horse, though the two were wildly different.

And again, Patty: You should know better than to ask me about these things. 😛

7) What is one album you can listen to over and over?
There aren’t many of those. One of them would be almost anything by U2, but specifically All That You Can’t Leave Behind. I listened to it almost nonstop after my grandmother died, and since then it’s kind of been my comfort music. It’s what I put on when I wanna burrow into my covers and hide from the world.

Other than that, Marianas Trench’s Ever After. That entire album is just amazingly epic in its scope. I was expecting big things from the boys on their next one, and they sure as hell didn’t disappoint! I saw them live a few weeks back as well–so completely worth it. They were incredible.

8) Pick a character from any of your books. What famous actor or actress would you pick to play them?
I hate this game. With a passion. 😛 The closest I’ve ever been able to come to this is that if Hugh Dancy had the longish curly hair thing going he could play either Cillian or Ronan.

9) How long would you survive the zombie apocalypse?
That depends. Were these zombies created by Stephenie Meyer, or the writers from The Walking Dead? If it’s the former, I stand a chance. The second? I’m probably fucked.

10) What book would you pick to be made into a movie?
To be honest, I don’t have a burning desire to see my favourite books or even my own books made into movies. I like them as books. They make me happy just like that, and there’s no way a movie adaptation could ever live up to every single detail I imagined because my imagination can’t be contained by what moviemakers can do.

11) The most important question of all: Vampires, yay or nay?
Although I don’t (or, perhaps more accurately, have yet to) write vampires, I am a definite yay! But they are not allowed to sparkle. Seriously. My Fae are scarier than the Twilight vamps. >_> They’re predators, not overgrown Tinkerbells!

All right, now that I’ve blathered my way through Patty’s questions, it’s my turn to come up with some! But first, who shall be my victims?

I tag:

All right, now the tricky part: the questions!

    1. Which one of your characters is your favourite to write? Why?

    2. Name something you and this character share.

    3. How did you get bit by the writing bug?

    4. What’s the weirdest medical affliction you’ve ever suffered from? (You can reroute this one if it’s too personal.)

    5. Cats or dogs? I promise I won’t judge.

    6. Opinion on country music, please.

    7. What’s a historical event you’d like to write about or have written about?

    8. Have you ever been in love? How would you describe it?

    9. Do you like Calvin and Hobbes? (If so, you might be my new best friend.)

    10. What’s a memory that still makes you smile?

    11. What’s your take on the Fae? (Yes, fairies and the like.) Do you lean more towards the scary mythology version, or the Tinkerbell version?

    There it is… ready, set, go!

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