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More Oversharing!

Okay, y’all, here’s the deal. My crazy friend Lor is up to 250–yes, you read that right–facts about herself over on her blog. And she posts them all largely out of sheer boredom.

I’m too competitive for this. Two hundred and fifty compared to my pathetic thirty-five? Gotta step it up a little. And so, in the spirit of competition and continued oversharing, here you go, have some more facts. I’m tired, so it’s only fifteen facts, but hey, that brings the total up to fifty!

Ready? Go!

Fact #36: I own four or five fleece blankets, just for me. I love how cuddly and warm they are. Yes, I’m warm all the time, but when I do get cold, I like fleece blankets. Hell, half the time if my feet get cold I just hide them under a blanket instead of finding socks or slippers. Smart Murphy is smart.

Fact #37: I am notorious among my friends and cousins for kicking the crap out of anyone I share sleeping space with. To the point that when the boyfriend and I started dating and planned to spend a weekend together, my friends teased him mercilessly and said he’d wake up bruised from me kicking him. Well, we went to sleep that night, and the next morning, figuring that since he was a light sleeper, he’d know whether I’d moved around, I asked Duncan if I’d kicked him during the night. His reply was “No, you fell asleep and didn’t move.” This is still true today and still boggles my mind.

Fact #38: I have a necklace and two rings that I wear at all times. The rings are my silver claddaugh, which I explained in my last information dump, and a small gold ring with a peridot stone in it. The claddaugh I bought myself; the gold ring, which is my birthstone ring, was a gift from my grandmother when I turned ten. It was family tradition for each granddaughter to get a ring with her birthstone in it when she turned ten.

Fact #39: I haven’t painted my fingernails since about June of 2011. This is because I work in food service and I’m not allowed to have my nails painted at work in case it chips off into the food. (Gotta admit, that’s pretty gross.) Logically, I know I could always paint them for an event, but then I’d have to remove the nail polish before my next shift. I just don’t see the point, and I’m too damn lazy.

Fact #40: I like Coke and Pepsi better when they’re flat. I know they’re practically the most popular soft drink ever, but I just like them better that way!

Fact #41: I’m stubborn. Tell me I can’t do it, and I’ll turn around and say “Watch me.”

Fact #42: I don’t take compliments well. It’s been nearly two years with one guy, and I still blush and get tongue-tied and deny it when he calls me beautiful. It’s just not how I see myself. I’m me, that’s all.

Fact #43: Sleep is my bestest friend. It’s an escape when I’m feeling overwhelmed, a way to clear my head when I can’t think straight anymore. It also has a tendency to lure the nasty plot bunnies out of hiding, but that’s another story. I refuse to feel guilty anytime I sleep in. Odds are, I needed it. And even if I didn’t, hell, it probably felt good.

Fact #44: Thanks to Lor’s post, I now know that my birth flower is the gladiolus. This makes me ridiculously happy, not only because of the symbolism of it, but because one of my characters in the Impartials & Immortals series has a tattoo of a gladiolus and it has a very profound meaning for her.

Fact #45: I feel guilty about my paternal grandmother’s death. She’d been in and out of the hospital on and off for quite a while, and it was looking a lot like this would be the last stay. I was thirteen at the time, and on our last visit, I remember feeling embarrassed and ashamed because she needed help eating an orange, and my dad wasn’t terribly kind about offering it. It made me uncomfortable, so when my then-seven-year-old brother asked to go outside, I jumped at the chance to go with him. She died less than a week later.

Fact #46: My mom used to own chickens and turkeys. So many that she was called the bird lady. Guess what I very quickly found out? I do not like birds. Especially not when they’re so tall their heads nearly reach my hip. Yep, I went into the chicken coop armed with a shovel. Didn’t help that we had a few demented roosters/toms that thought they had to defend everyone, and so attacked everyone other than my mom.

Fact #47: I have sprained each of my ankles at least three times. Once it was while I was running a race with a friend, the other times it was largely due to my own clumsiness. My doctor, who has known me since I was a kid, remains baffled.

Fact #48: I hate going to the hospital or to any kind of doctor. I could be on the brink of death and you couldn’t make me go. If you suggest taking me to a doctor and I agree, it usually means something is seriously wrong. Most of the time I have to be bullied into it or just taken without being told. I can count the number of times I’ve agreed to go to a doctor in recent memory on one hand. I have nothing against doctors; most of them, particularly my family doctor back home, make me comfortable and make me laugh. I just really hate having to see them.

Fact #49: My family heritage is Irish and Scottish on my dad’s side, French and English on my mom’s. In my early teens when I became more interested in history, I looked back at this and said aloud, “The four countries always at war with each other over history. No wonder you guys divorced.” My dad was amused, though he tried to hide it.

Fact #50: I’ve been a U2 junkie since I was a little kid. Music is one of the few ways my dad and I can usually understand each other. We’re constantly sending each other videos or telling each other to go listen to this song or that artist. He’s had me listening to U2 since before I could remember, and I don’t care what you say about them, a band does not get to almost 40 years of popularity without talent. I won’t lynch you if you don’t like them; we all have our own tastes. But try to deny that they have talent and I’ll get pissed. Pull your head out of your ass, please. My dad saw U2 live in Montreal in 1987 on The Joshua Tree tour. I know I wasn’t alive, but I’m still jealous. So, in retaliation, I stole his T-shirt from the tour, and have now worn it so much that it shrunk to fit me and he can’t wear it anymore. That shirt is 25 years old and I still have it.

Okay, that’s all for now!!


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