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Writers: Yeah, We’re Crazy. We Like It That Way.

Seriously, do they think we don’t notice or something?

If you’re a writer, you know what I’m talking about. That moment when you refer to a character as if they’re a real person, or get ridiculously excited because the bitch of a plot tangle you’ve been fighting with for months has finally sorted its sorry self out. Or the conversations you suddenly interrupt because you had a brilliant idea and must write it down. The face your classmates make when they see you’ve scribbled conversation snippets all over your class notes. (Okay, maybe that one’s just me.)

Either way, if you’re a writer, you’ve gotten that look before. It’s the look of “Are you freaking nuts?”

We admit to having characters talking in our heads, have arguments with said people in our heads, and on a good day make little to no sense to our loved ones. (But they love us anyways, and we thank our lucky stars for that, because sometimes, despite all the arguing in our heads, writing can be very lonely.)

I’m pretty sure some writers would like to deny that they’re crazy, but I see no problem admitting it. I like going through life mulling over what conversations and anecdotes could be worked into my writing. I enjoy having stories in my head, stories that I try to get from my brain to the page so that I can share them with people. It doesn’t always go well, and that’s when I stare at the notes I’ve written and wonder what in sweet hell I was thinking when I decided to write a series. (Or, alternately, sometimes I’m just trying to read my writing. It’s messy at best.)

But then sometimes, it goes brilliantly; even if you can’t write at that very second, you get an idea that clarifies the knotted snarl of plot that you were having trouble with, and you scramble to get it down–on your phone, on a whiteboard, on a Post-It note, on whatever you have at hand–before you lose it, because you know it’s big. Or if you can write, it’s that moment where you sit down, you forget the world around you, and get completely lost in the story. Background noise fades out, growling stomachs, aching heads and cramping fingers are forgotten, and all you do is write until finally, slowly, whether you exhaust yourself or something brings you back to earth, you slowly come back to yourself and sit looking at what you’ve accomplished. Sure, you’ll have to edit it later, but that’s the non-fun part of writing, where the inner editor makes us all feel like terrible hacks who can’t string a proper sentence together. What matters is that moment where you know the stuff you just wrote is good, and it’s good because your characters, your setting, your plot and all those other factors clicked and you just wrote for the pure pleasure of it.

That’s why I write, anyways. The incredulous looks I get from people every now and then–just a rather amusing perk.

If you’re a writer, why do you write? I swear, I really do want to know!


6 thoughts on “Writers: Yeah, We’re Crazy. We Like It That Way.

  1. I write cuz I can't stop! Seriously, once I got into writing, it's been really hard for me to ever see myself not doing it. It's like, holy crap, I just figured out what to do w/ my life. Give me some paper and a pen!

  2. This is definitely a big part of it for me, too! Seems like since I got started, my brain's been buzzing with ideas. They don't all get written, but they all get considered, and I like playing with them and seeing where they could have gone. I sometimes take long breaks from writing–but I promise that's totally not willing. >.< Real life gets in the way. 😛

  3. Ahh, same here, and I still haven't edited the chapters for you guys either. >.< Roomie still plans to drag me to the doctor on top of that. And with how crazy school is getting, I just don't have the time.GAH. I just want to write, but when I sit down to do so, my brain feels like mush. >.<

  4. I write to tell the stories trapped in my head LOL (Crazy Writer) The characters seem like fiends since I have known them so long. I use my iPhone to record quick notes. Then I have to transcribe them when I get home. I do a lot of my plotting and planning while driving to and from work.

  5. First off: YAY, new commenter! Hi there! ^__^ Second: I've gotta agree there. I have notes everywhere–random notes on my computer desktop, scribbled all over my whiteboard… I even have paper all over one wall of my bedroom with ideas on it plotting out a novel. As for my phone, oy vey; I think at least three quarters of the notes on my BlackBerry are related to writing in some way or another.Third: It's fun to be crazy, and I've had years of practise at it. 😉

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