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Real Life is Getting in My Way!

This is getting really annoying.

I haven’t written–properly sat down and written–in I don’t know how long. Probably several weeks. The pisser is it feels like even longer. Unfortunately, I’m a student in my last year of college who currently couldn’t find free time if it danced naked in front of her wearing Dobby’s tea cosy. (Yeah, I’m a Harry Potter fan. Deal.)

So far this week, I have written a test worth 50% of my grade, worked a shift at the job I have to keep in order to keep my head above water, and completed one assignment, with another one due by 11:30pm tonight. And of course, I haven’t started it, and every time I attempt to do so, the characters start whispering until all I can hear is their plots and ideas and all I can think of is how much I want to just sit down for a few hours, stick headphones into my ears, tune out and just write. Get completely lost in it and tune right out, the kind of writing session where you forget all about the world and lose track of time, then come out of it slightly dazed with a huge chunk of words in front of you.

Of course, as well as dealing with chronic pain, I also face the very real and very serious issue of chronic procrastination. However, as I said in the comment I made to some other lovely writers on Twitter, who I link due to their awesomeness, procrastination is a lot like masturbation. It can be fun, but in the end, you’re only fucking yourself. And to that end, here I am, posting on my (very neglected) blog instead of working on the paper that’s due tonight or studying for the test I have on Monday…

So help me, after I submit the paper tonight, I’m going to have me a good ol’ writing session (unless I fall down first), and the real world can kiss my ass on that one.

It’s been a very long day. Ten hours on campus will do that to you. So with that in mind, here, have some more 90’s music!


2 thoughts on “Real Life is Getting in My Way!

  1. Ugh, life is annoying when it gets in the way or writing. It's getting in my way right now, cuz all I can think about is the trip down to my sister's for my nephew's bday party. Drew has gone into hiding. -.-

  2. I just finished a five page single-spaced paper on a family resiliency model for dealing with traumatic brain injury… Naturally the characters were whispering in my ear all the way through, and the music didn't help either… and of course now that it's done I'm so sore and tired that I don't have the energy to write. *headdesk*

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