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See? I’m Doing It Again.

I always do this. I start a project–a website, an art idea (always horrendous, I can’t draw to save my life), or something, and before long it falls into neglect. From neglect comes the downward spiral: first the blog (in this case) slips into a funk, then sinks deep into depression, and finally, with an anguished, pitiable wail, dies. And I barely hear that last cry for help because by then I’ve flitted off to the next project.

I am a fickle, fickle creature. I should be dragged out into the street and shot at dawn.

Well, maybe that’s a bit harsh. Especially since I’d be the one getting shot and I know a couple people (namely my best friends and my characters) who’d volunteer to pull the trigger.

But really, I hate that I do this. I don’t even do it deliberately; it’s the ADD girl in me I guess. Been years, and I still can’t tame her! So, lovely peoples who may be happening to read this, tell me, because I need to know: what do you want me to talk about? Shoot me some ideas, and give me a good kick in the ass to keep me moving!


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