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It makes me feel incredibly lazy to think I haven’t posted here since last year. And I didn’t even wish you guys a Merry Christmas/whatever you celebrate and a happy new year! Welcome to 2012, folks!

As I warned you guys, my internet at home was sporadic and I was too busy to be online very often. You try staying in a house with three children ages four and under and see how much quiet time you get.

At any rate, it was an insane, but good holiday season. I went home Christmas Eve with the boyfriend and the dog for the first of five–yes, five–Christmas meals at my mom’s place. I was sick and sniffling for most of the holidays, which kind of sucked given that we had a whirlwind of five meals in three days. Supper at my mom’s on Christmas Eve, lunch at his mom’s and supper with my dad’s side on Christmas Day, and lunch with his dad’s side and supper with my mom’s side on Boxing Day. By that last day, we had no room left for turkey. We were completely turkeyed out and facing the mother of all food comas.

Still, it was good to see family and friends, although the supper with my dad’s side was a complete disaster due to my eighteen-year-old brother getting drunk and obnoxious at dinner. That was just painful. He made racist jokes at the table and served food with his fingers, then tried to pressure my boyfriend into going outside for a smoke. (I love him to bits for staying calm through that and acting like it was no big deal.) When my brother dangled a cigarette in front of my dog, I lost it and decided it was time to leave.

So yeah, that one could have gone better. But out of five meals, one’s bound to be a disaster. The rest were much smoother, and the boyfriend wouldn’t even let me apologise for how insane my family is. (I’m definitely keeping that one.)

I even had a chance to go out with friends for a day, and had an afternoon in Ottawa with my dad and fifteen-year-old brother. Like a true Canadian, I used a Timmy’s card as an effective method of shutting them up when they bickered. Thank you, Tim Hortons.

New Year’s Eve, after some difficulty planning, was pretty quiet. Me, the boyfriend, another friend and her boyfriend, and three other single friends got together, played Mario Kart (I suck), had a few drinks, and watched the countdown. The boy and I had to run around to Montreal, back home, and then back to Kingston on New Year’s Day, which adds up to about six hours of driving, so we both wanted to sleep pretty  much right after midnight… but the other coupled up friend wanted to put on Paranormal Activity. So we did, and fifteen minutes in she and her boyfriend went upstairs to bed. *rolls eyes* The rest of us shut the movie off, got ready for sleep, and chatted a bit–though the boy was already asleep. This conversation followed:

Friend: Did you guys kiss at midnight?
Me: Yeah, we did. Just a little one. (The boy and I kissed briefly, then I whispered “Here’s to an even better one than last year” in his ear and just rested my head on his shoulder. The other couple was still going at that point. o.O)
Friend: That’s nice. Yeah, you guys were cute about it. They were like “I eat your face.”

Not gonna lie, that made me smile. I’m glad people see us as cute, not as some obnoxious couple who flaunt our relationship in front of others. Those ones just piss me off.

Being sick for the holidays kind of sucked, but you know what, they’re crazy as it is. It was pretty good, all in all. A cousin of mine even got engaged, leading me back to the whole “WTF is with the engagements” comment I made a while back.

So, that’s my holidays in a very disorganized nutshell. How did yours go?


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