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Murphy’s BFS List

It’s time for all of us NaNoWriMo participants to consider what we’re going to do with our lives now that November is over. For a lot of us, this means joining other writing challenges like NaNoFiMo, WriYe, and Milwordy. Some of us choose instead to write more consistently instead of at such a deranged pace and try things like 750 words, a challenge that dares writers to write 750 words a day, based on a prompt.

And still others among us lurk in the “December and Beyond” forums over at NaNoWriMo, since the kind folks over there know just how hard it is to readjust to regular life after the mad adrenaline rush of November. In that forum you can find one section titled “The Year of Doing Big, Fun, Scary Things Together,” more commonly known as BFS. This little slice of forum pie asks us what we’ll explore in the coming year. What would we like to accomplish, not only in our writing but in (gasp!) the real world as well?

I’ve given it a lot of thought, and for once, there’s actually enough going on in my life that I feel like I can post one of these lists without looking like a complete buffoon. After all, I’ve already started a blog, and there are actually people out there who appear to be reading it; why not add some more ideas to the list?

So, without further ado, here it is, in no particular order: Murphy’s Big, Fun, Scary Things list. I have to admit, I’m kind of impressed by the length. Go me?

  • Edit The Sharpest Lives (and knock it way down from its current 183,000-word monstrous size)
  • Finish NOTH, edit
  • Finish Howl, edit
  • Plot for Book IV of I&I in time for NaNoWriMo 2012 (my first as a non-student!)
  • Move to Guelph by June/July.
  • Related to above: Get used to not being in a long distance relationship. (Boyfriend and I have been dating for exactly 19 months as of today; all except 3 months of that has been long-distance.)
  • Travel! (YES TO THE PLEASE.)
  • Get another dog. A puppy if even remotely possible. 
  • Earn/save some money. (Hah.)
  • (Maybe) look into publishing?
  • Visit my family more (could be tricky from a city that’s a 6-hour drive away, but OH WELL)
  • Make an effort to get along with the older two of my brothers (we don’t see eye to eye on most things… but I’m hoping we’re all mature enough to move the f**k on.)
  • Wouldn’t say no to losing some weight! (Who would?)
  • Exercise more, get in better shape, hopefully be better able to deal with a chronic pain condition
  • (Barring the above) start physio; do whatever it takes to avoid needing meds to function.
  • And last but not least, post on this blog on a (semi-) regular basis, and continue doing book reviews at least once a month, because a person should never be too busy to read!

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