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Coming Soon: Book Reviews!

Okay, so, A.K. Marshall, also fondly known as @jitterymoose, has reacted to the mention I gave her over on my links page by asking me for a review of her novel, The Fishing Widow. Being the lunatic I am, I agreed to do so without first thinking about the fact that I’ve never written book reviews before.

And because if I decide to jump into anything, I have to do so headfirst (I swear, it’s genetic), I reacted to Daniel Kaine sending me his book, Dawn of Darkness, as a Christmas present by promising a review as well! All of this within the span of a few minutes, no less. Am I a “certified” lunatic yet?

Either way, keep an eye out! As I just started reading Dawn of Darkness today, I think I’ll review that one first… then I’ll pull out The Fishing Widow for a re-read and review! Not gonna lie, I’m a little excited. Writers: When you get down to it, we’re all dorks.

Edited to add: Just finished reading Dawn of Darkness and will be posting a review within the next 24 hours barring any unforeseen misadventures. And frankly, I’ve had enough of those, so they can fuck off and leave me be.


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